Producing Our First Music Video

Chromatic Sigma Summer Promotional Video

July 2015 saw us complete our first promotional video; an excerpt of a Sigma medley that features in our live set.

From the outset we wanted to produce a video that stood out from the crowd, with a concept that went against traditional cover band promotional videos of a single, static wide shot of the full band performing on a stage. Our intention was to produce a music video that wouldn’t look out of place against some of the most creative videos being produced by upcoming original artists. We felt that less is more, not letting an overproduced video with sprawling cinematic shots distract from the main goal of the video; to promote the band as a live entertainment act.

The first step was to decide on the song that we wanted to perform. A stand out feature of our shows is our ability to reproduce the most current hits and replicate the exact sound, therefore we wanted to use something current and electronic based to reflect this. Our aim was to produce a video of no longer than two and a half minutes, to maximise the engagement of potential clients. We edited a shorter version of a Sigma medley that we perform live and headed into the studio. The audio was recorded and mixed by our live sound engineer Tom Stilgoe at his own Get Loud Studios.

Chromatic - Sigma Video Shoot

The next step was to plan a concept for the video, including the lighting, set and type of shots that we wanted to utilise. We liked the use of light and silhouettes featured in Muse's video ‘Neutron Star Collision’ and used that as a basis to approach a videographer with.

The video was shot by Dean Alexander at Time Code Pro. Also based in Northamptonshire, Time Code Pro were an obvious choice, being an international video production company right on our doorstep. Their past clients include Louisa Johnson, Adidas and Samsung to name a few, so we knew that the quality of the end product would be guaranteed.

Dean was excellent at providing ideas for unique shots to complement the concept. One featured effect was created by increasing the recorded audio up to double speed and shooting part of the video of us performing at double-speed, creating the effect of performing in slow-motion. This accompanied by the lighting and contrasting upbeat tempo of the drum n bass music would become the main concept for the shoot.

Check out the full video below to see how it turned out!